Will the full-band jammer affect the signal on other floors?

Will the full-band jammer affect the signal on other floors?

For the understanding of full-band jammers, most people know that they will be used in schools, prisons, detention centers and other places. However, shielding devices are also used in some special companies or confidential conference rooms. For example, in an office building, a company's employees play mobile phones during working hours, which seriously affects work efficiency, so they want to install a signal blocker in the office to prevent employees from playing mobile phones during working hours. I am worried that installing a signal jammer in the office will affect the office on other floors of the company. In this case, there is a question: Will the full-band shield affect other floors?

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To solve this problem, we first need to understand what a signal jammer is and how it works. When a mobile phone works, it transmits data by connecting with a base station through radio waves within a certain range. The full-band jammer, on the other hand, forms garbled interference during the working process, so that the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data of the base station, so it cannot connect to the base station. In fact, the shielding effect of the signal jammer is mainly affected by the power of the jammer itself, the distance from the nearby signal base station, and whether there are obstacles. Like general low-power shields, there are certain installation requirements for the height, because the installation is wrong, and the transmit power will be weakened by some obstacles, thus affecting the shielding effect. Moreover, most full-band shielding devices are not recommended to be used through walls, mainly because the shielding effect will be greatly reduced after passing through a layer of cement wall.

The reinforced concrete structure between floors has a strong weakening effect on the signal, so the impact of the shield on other floors will be very small. If the signal on other floors is affected, the effect can be reduced by adjusting the transmit power of the full-band shield and replacing the directional antenna. Topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of full-band jammers. It has accumulated a large number of on-site installations and solutions to difficult problems for more than ten years. The signal jammer SMa-818B5-PLUS produced by it can adjust the output power of each module frequency band through software settings to reduce the shielding range and reduce the impact on areas that do not need shielding. It can also be replaced with a machine-integrated directional antenna, which is easy to carry and simple to operate.

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