Wi-Fi jammers prevent malicious theft of Wi-Fi traffic

Wi-Fi jammers prevent malicious theft of Wi-Fi traffic

If you are our regular reader, you will probably notice signal jammer, which we are trying to identify and explain the most pressing issues related to personal security and privacy. In this post, I'd like to show you how weak our privacy is and how it can be compromised. This is the main reason we always say that wireless data transmission standards are so vulnerable that they are not suitable for manipulating personal information.

Brendan O'Connor, an American IT security specialist, presented his work at the Black Hat USA 2013 conference in Las Vegas. He created CreepyDOL (Creepy Distributed Object Locator). This is a special app and firmware that works with F-BOMB (a fall / ballistic lance object that runs a backdoor). The F-BOMB is a very dangerous device based on the Raspberry Pi, a small portable minicomputer.

Why is it dangerous? This device, in particular, allows malicious individuals to create an entire network of devices that steal Wi-Fi traffic. Wi-Fi is pretty vulnerable, but using F-BOMB and Creepy DOL makes it even more dangerous. And most importantly, such devices are very cheap and you can get all the components you need on the internet for just about $ 55-60.

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The F-BOMB is based on an ARM central unit with a clock frequency of 700MHz. It also has 256MB of RAM and two Wi-Fi controllers. As mentioned earlier, these devices simply steal Wi-Fi traffic and collect your personal information. It's also so small that it can be easily hidden in public places. If you place some of these Creepy DOLs on your network, the data will be shared between them.

The main problem is that all smartphones have security gaps and send large amounts of personal data unencrypted. This fact makes intercepting Wi-Fi traffic extremely dangerous. It is also possible to track any user in the F-BOMB network area. You need to know the victim's MAC address.

Unfortunately, VPN is not an option here. For example, to create a VPN tunnel on your iOS device, you must first connect to a Wi-Fi network and configure a VPN. During this time, the iPhone will already receive some updates and messages from your Facebook account and sync the files with Dropbox. It should be mentioned that iOS sends all this data unencrypted.

Brendan O'Connor said the goal of his project was not to create spy devices, but to show people that the government could only persecute for billions of dollars, but with $ 500 and so on. F-BOMB that even a normal man who is will get 10. Therefore, the security of personal data is the main goal.

But what can this new way of stealing personal data do? In the modern world, it is almost impossible to avoid the use of wireless networks. But we can help. Best of all, you should avoid mobile banking apps and adhere to secure mobile banking rules. Then you will see why. The next step is to avoid social networks and at least not access public places. Most importantly, avoid dangerous public Wi-Fi hotspots (simple Wi-Fi routers or hacker laptops) because you don't know you're connected.

However, if you want to make sure your data is safe, you need to get a wifi signal blocker. Blocks all 2.4GHz devices in your area, including F-BOMB.

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