Why Use Drone Jamming Systems? What are the advantages?

Why Use Drone Jamming Systems? What are the advantages?

In recent years, incidents of "black flying" of UAVs have occurred frequently, which has brought considerable security risks to some enterprises such as airports and petrochemicals, and has been highly valued by relevant departments. In order to warn of security incidents caused by drones, it is imminent to build a drone jamming system.

For enterprises with high security requirements, the UAV jamming system can still play a significant role. From the perspective of drones, drones can be equipped with detection equipment and some weapons that seriously endanger social security, and now drones are widely used, small drones carrying dangerous items will not be easily found, and this has become an unmanned The first problem to be solved by the man-machine interference system. What advantages does the drone jamming system have in dealing with the "black flight" of drones?

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The UAV jamming system protects the monitoring area in real time. After illegal intrusion is discovered, the UAV electromagnetic interference function will be used to expel black flying drones. The UAV jamming system will not affect nearby radio equipment usage of. The UAV jamming system mainly uses the UAV electromagnetic interference technology to cut off the connection between the UAV and the operator through the data signal transmission and positioning of the UAV, forcing the UAV to land or return. UAV electromagnetic interference is used to counter UAV, which can avoid direct crash of UAV and property loss.

The drone jammer developed by Topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. can effectively monitor and counteract the "black flying" drone. It is easy to use and easy to maintain. It is a very good product.

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