Why use drone jammer countermeasures?

Why use drone jammer countermeasures?

The rapid development of the drone industry has also brought great security risks to the social order. In recent years, there have been frequent accidents caused by drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles enter airports, factories and the vicinity of some buildings, which will bring new security risks to these places. With the continuous progress of anti-drone technology, the emergence of anti-drone jammer countermeasures has further maintained the safety of social security.

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It is known that the current UAV is mainly controlled by radio communication technology, and the drone jammer countermeasure device can suppress the control used by the UAV by sending a high-performance high-power jamming signal to the target UAV signal, forcing the drone itself to perform a forced landing or return. Therefore, when the drone countermeasure device has been turned on, the drone jammer countermeasure device will send a complete jamming signal to the drone, forcing the drone out of the operator's control, and when not receiving control Automatic landing or return in case of signal. When the UAV jammer countermeasure equipment finds the UAV and accurately locates it, it usually conducts effective interception and adopts the technology of signal jamming. The drone jammer countermeasure equipment mainly transmits directional radio frequency to the target drone, interferes with the signal used by the target drone, cuts off the communication between the drone and the remote control, and forces the drone to land safely or the purpose of leaving.

The drone jammers produced and supplied in the past may not have enough frequency bandwidth reserved for the built-in GPS navigation positioning jamming module in the frequency coverage, resulting in the jamming signal not fully acting on the Beidou navigation frequency. From the perspective of frequency division standards, there are exactly two frequency bands in the frequency range of Beidou navigation, which are located in the start and end areas of the GPS1.5G frequency band. The solution to this problem is not difficult and complicated. Our suggestion is to return the original UAV jammer to the factory and readjust the transmission frequency of the GPS frequency band.

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Faced with the continuous emergence of various new models of drones, drone jammers can't remain conservative all the time, but should also keep pace with the times and keep updating and improving at any time!

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