Why the blocking effect of the signal jammer in the detention center is poor

Why the blocking effect of the signal jammer in the detention center is poor

Currently, detention center jammers are used in many places. Many people may encounter poor shielding effect when using the jailhouse jammer. What is the reason for this situation? Here are a few points for us to understand.

1. On-site signal strength

The jailhouse jammer can shield the mobile phone network signal because it can send out a shielding signal of a certain strength. If the signal of the jailhouse jammer is relatively weak, the shielding effect will be relatively poor. Therefore, in order to ensure the shielding of mobile phone signals and achieve effective interference with mobile signals, the jailhouse jammer needs to emit a stronger signal than the scene.

2. The distance from the base station

As we all know, mobile phone signals are transmitted by base stations. Only when a connection is established between the mobile phone and the base station can the mobile phone be used normally. The strength of the signal will gradually decrease as the distance becomes longer. Therefore, the closer the distance to the base station, the greater the signal strength will be. At this time, the shielding effect of the jailhouse jammer will be affected. Therefore, in order not to be affected by the base station during use, it is necessary to increase the power of the jailhouse jammer according to the actual situation on site.

3. Are there any obstacles around?

If the shielding signal transmitted by the jailhouse jammer encounters obstacles on the way of propagation, its interference effect will be greatly reduced, so when installing the jailhouse jammer, you should try to choose a relatively spacious space.

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How do professionals analyze the installation and layout of the signal jammer in the detention center?

In the process of managing the detention center, an important task is to prevent communication between the insiders and the outside world. Therefore, many detention centers have installed cell phone wifi jammers. Usually, the detention center will carry out layout work on the signal jammers of the detention center to ensure that the internal information and communication are in a closed environment. However, the detention center has relatively strict requirements on signal concealment. Therefore, it is recommended that the detention center units use special signal jammers for the detention center. These are very important for signal security. It is best to have professional personnel install and layout them. Then how do they implement them?

①Carry out detailed on-the-spot investigations on the environment of the detention center, observe the environment of the area that needs to be shielded, understand the real needs of customers, and design personalized solutions. Therefore, project investigation must be carried out to solve problems for customers scientifically and systematically.

② In-depth analysis of local signal distribution and building structure. Measured by professional instruments. Choose different types of antennas and organically combine them according to the application principles of antennas in different frequency bands.

③ After on-site investigation, building structure, terrain, base station direction, power, etc. And it has very strict requirements for details and experienced construction staff, who can meet the construction needs of the large-scale detention center signal jammer project site, and solve and deal with various difficult problems on site in a timely manner. Only those who are truly professional will consider the whole situation and have a better understanding of various situations, and then complete the corresponding choices, so that they can have more suitable results. Solve practical problems for detention center customers and provide customers with the best solutions.

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