Why jammers have advantages over other countermeasures

Why jammers have advantages over other countermeasures

How does a wave jammer work?

The GPS jammer is designed to destroy the drone by emitting electromagnetic noise that works with the drone and transmits the radio frequency of the movie, and the power must be sufficient to suppress any effective communication between the drone and its pilot. Usually this is 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz ("radio frequency interference"), which are "unallocated" public frequencies, which means that drone jammers will not interfere with manned aircraft, cell phones, public broadcasting, or other personal radios. frequency band. In addition to legal radio frequency interference to users (depending on the jurisdiction, which may include the military, law enforcement personnel, rescuers, and home users), GPS interference can also be used as a large number of drones to rely on GPS to balance the wind. , Or move between the given waypoints.

As drone sales are expected to increase exponentially in the near future, and the number and severity of drone accidents that occur every day will increase, Skylifr hopes to support customers in the public and private sectors to take measures within the framework permitted by law. Active measures are being taken to prevent air safety and privacy threats.

If the drone is hit by a jammer's signal, the drone will usually return to where it started (unless the GPS is also blocked) and the jammer user can follow the drone to find the pilot. Sometimes, the drone can even descend vertically and land intact, becoming an alternative to forensic investigations. When RF and GPS are blocked at the same time, aircraft landing is also a common response of UAVs.

The jammer can effectively resist drones several kilometers away. Generally speaking, the work of a jammer compared to a drone with a pilot depends on the distance between the drone and the jammer. The farther the drone is from the pilot and the closer the WiFi jammer, the better the effect. The typical effective direction of the jammer is about 15 to 30 degrees protruding forward from the spray gun (this is also affected by the HF band and the power of the jammer).

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Is drone jammer a crime?

Although the military, police, and emergency services generally have laws restricting the use of jammers in many countries/regions, non-GPS jammers are felony in many countries/regions. Before using a drone jammer, please read the laws and regulations of the country/region carefully and determine whether your state is a crime.

Why are jammers safer than other countermeasures?

The jammer can effectively repel the drone without destroying the drone and evidence. Other possibilities usually result in damage or destruction of the drone, which may result in the destruction of evidence and claims for loss of private property.

Another consideration is whether the drone carries bombs or other dangerous items. As a cell phone jammer, using jammers may be the safest measure, so drones usually return to their origin. This is much safer than shooting down a drone carrying a bomb, because it can detonate a bomb, be injured or even die.

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