Why is the defensive range of the sign jammer now not fixed?

Why is the defensive range of the sign jammer now not fixed?

When purchasing a sign jammer, the protective variety of the signal jammer is a factor that many clients need to realize. Is the protecting range of the sign jammer constant? Naturally no longer.

The sign jammer scans the low-quit frequency to the excessive-quit frequency of the channel on the same velocity throughout the operation. This scanning pace can cause garbled interference within the received message signal of the cellular phone, in order that the cellular phone can't detect the ordinary microwave signal records introduced from the base station. In the plan, the mobile smartphone can not establish a reference to the bottom station, so as to obtain the reason of defensive the mobile phone sign.

Simply speaking, the frequency introduced via the cellular smartphone sign jammer disturbs the frequency of the cell cellphone to get hold of the bottom station. The jammer and the base station are destined to be a aggressive connection. If the transmission electricity of the signal jammer is much less than the channel transmitted with the aid of the base station to the cell telephone in the environment at that point. If the strength of the signal jammer is greater than the energy of the base station to the mobile smartphone, the protective tool will now not be able to guard it effectively. Therefore, any shielding tool will display distinct defensive intervals when used in specific signal environments, and China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom can be one of a kind, because the base station density, base station orientation and base station strength constructed via those 3 operators cannot be the identical. Of.

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That is to mention, what number of meters a cell cellphone jammer can shield isn't handiest associated with its own transmission electricity, however also to the space between the base stations within the use surroundings (base stations aren't handiest limited to big transmission towers constructed on the floor, but also homes). The sign enlargement antenna at the top and the sign enlargement and distribution in a few homes), another critical issue is the obstacle, if it is a metal cloth, it is going to be blocked without delay; if it's far a solid wall of strengthened concrete, it will be much less attenuated after penetration. 10 times; if it's far a wood board or a pitcher fabric, the attenuation after penetration is exceedingly small.

So subsequent time a customer says what number of meters have to be shielded, you need to ask the distance among the bottom stations inside the environment, and whether it's miles used indoors or outside, whether or not it's far essential to pass through walls, and so forth. Customers can contact us Guanyu Electronics to recognize using signal jammers. Only by using information these can we higher choose appropriate sign jammers for customers.

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