Why is it said that jammers can reduce the occurrence of car accidents?

Why is it said that jammers can reduce the occurrence of car accidents?

A few years ago a Florida man was fined $ 48,000 greenback by the Federal Communications Fee for using illegal GPS jammer while driving to prevent nearby motorists from using their cell phones.

I can contact you. I bet you can too.
Holding a cell phone while driving is illegal in California and at least twelve other states. But that doesn't stop people from doing this.
During the day I met these stupid, self-proclaimed fools who threatened themselves and the people around them by talking or texting while driving.

This is why I urge the auto industry to put jamming technology on the steering wheel so that drivers (not passengers) will not succumb to the temptation to play devices over 60 miles while driving 3000 pounds of steel.

Things are really complicated.
Rosemary Shahan, Chair of the Sacramento automobile Reliability and safety client advocacy organization, said, "If parents choose to put their children in the right place and develop safe driving habits, there will be real safety benefits."

She said to me, "But if you think this is a way of changing the behavior of all drivers, then it is unlikely that people who do poorly with their phones will tend to buy this alternative."
Shahan pointed out that if you wanted to use this technology, "changed into if you can't hit the road in an emergency or use your cell phone to browse or get route information, can you call 911?"
These are big problems. But we face a big trouble.
According to the national highway site visitors protection administration, 37,133 people died in car accidents last year, and more than 3,000 of them died from driver distraction. Thousands of people are injured every year while the driver keeps his eyes closed.

I contacted an industry organization, the Car Manufacturers Alliance, to find out how automakers work. The enterprise's spokesman, Bryan Goodman, said automakers are taking this hassle seriously.
He said, "We all agree in America that keeping your hands on the wheel and keeping an eye on the road is always important to safe driving," he added. "Cell phones were never designed to be used while driving."
However, Goodman insists that many things can be done okay in this industry. He sent me a hyperlink to the FCC page on the matter.

He said, "Federal law prohibits the operation, sale, or sale of any type of cell phone jammer, including interference with cellular and personal communications services (desktops), police radar, telephone systems, international positioning (GPS), and wireless network (Wi-Fi) services. . ). "
The FCC stated, “These devices pose a serious risk to critical public safety communications and may prevent you and others from making 911 and other emergency calls. This radio interference can also disrupt communications from law enforcement agencies. "

Law Enforcement Chief Fr. Michele Ellison posted a statement on the website: "A tampering with the equipment poses serious security risks." Law enforcement agencies are working together to tackle those who continue to break the law.

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