Why does the Alabama prison install jammers?

Why does the Alabama prison install jammers?

The use of mobile phones in prison interceptors to keep prisoners inside the phone is a trend, such as the correct service Alabama, Montgomery plans to do in some prisons. They plan to install a "managed" access system for correctional facilities, Elmore County, there are three prisons.

In addition, the Department also asked the Alabama Legislature to dial $ 4.0 million, to install a similar system at Bibb, Donaldson, Fontaine and St. Clair Correctional Fund. Prison guards said that prisoners use mobile phones in public defraud, extort money from relatives, coordinate drug drops in prison, they must stop.

Handheld Portable GPS Jammer Blocks GSM 3G 4G WiFi Frequency

Prevent phone from cell phone is obstruction of best device, for use in prisons, we recommend you to use 70W cheap cell phone jammer high power cell phone signal for 3G 4G LTE has directional antenna . cell phone blocker is fixed in prison and medium size device does not work in some of the prisoners who can hide and use your phone where 3G .2G 4G mobile phone, phone and text cannot be received. That's why the Alabama prison cell phone interceptor is installed.

Blocker We're talking about a metallic look, to protect the internal components and parts - you know, maybe some of the prisoners of hate and bad stuff ... Plus there are different buttons to switch to a other channel to prevent the frequency of the appearance, we see the two cooling fans for cooling, a way to keep cooler, more stable performance and better range. Integrated circuit protection to prevent damage by short circuit or disconnection of the antenna. The phone blocker is about 19 kg, is a fixed signal blocking prison.

The device footprint of about 20 to 100 meters (radius) @ - 75 dBm, of course, depending on the signal strength of the area. In this way, phone interceptors can also be used in other public and private places.

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