Why do the antennas of the same mobile phone signal jammer all have the same shape? Are they interchangeable?

Why do the antennas of the same mobile phone signal jammer all have the same shape? Are they interchangeable?

After some customers purchased our cell phone signal jammer, in the process of preparing to install it, they took out several matching antennas and found that many of the antennas had exactly the same appearance, so the customer's question came: Why are the same mobile phones used? Do all signal jammers have the same antennas? Are they interchangeable?

Let’s talk about the answer first: Although these antennas look very similar, they are actually different, and they are basically not interchangeable.

If customers carefully identify the antenna, especially at the end of the antenna, they will usually see obvious signs. The identification information generally includes: port number, operating frequency range, standing wave ratio, antenna gain value, etc.

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At the same time, if customers look at the host of the mobile phone signal jammer, they will find that there will definitely be a very conspicuous port number near each RF output port of the host. This is to clearly inform you that each antenna must be connected in accordance with the port serial number and the port serial number on the mobile phone signal jammer host. Never reverse the order or mix it up.

Each antenna has its own fixed operating frequency. Only when the radio frequency port is connected correctly can it perform its best performance at the corresponding frequency. When connected randomly, because the working frequency is not suitable, the consequence of this is that the antenna may produce signal self-excitation and cannot output power normally, which will further lead to energy accumulation, overheating of the interface, or direct damage to components such as power amplifiers.

In order to make the antenna as beautiful and anti-vandal as possible, and to keep it as consistent as possible when installed and used with the mobile phone signal jammer, the manufacturer of the antenna designed the antenna shell to be almost the same. However, in order to make a distinction, it must be A clear mark will be printed on the tail end of the antenna. Therefore, before customers assemble the mobile phone signal jammer and antenna, they must carefully check the markings and logos of each antenna. Antennas must not be interchanged at will!

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