Why do full-band jammers in the examination room choose built-in antennas?

Why do full-band jammers in the examination room choose built-in antennas?

With the continuous development of communication technology, the mobile network has also been updated several times, from the initial 2G mobile phone network to the current 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile phone signal network. At the same time, the full-band cell phone signal jammer has also undergone continuous updates.

The full-band jammer is mainly used in school examinations, college entrance examinations, and some venues where the use of mobile phones and other communication equipment is prohibited. With the increase of the frequency band of the communication network, the full-band jammer has changed from the initial 4 antennas to 8 antennas or even 12 multiple antennas. Antenna, until now the built-in antenna full-band jammer.

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The first built-in antenna full-band jammer has a beautiful appearance in line with modern aesthetic conditions, and it also saves the need to screw on the antenna one by one when in use.

The second built-in full-band jammer is more environmentally friendly and safer. Before the full-band jammer with an external metal shell is turned on for a long time, the machine will generate a high temperature of 50-60 degrees, which also has certain safety hazards. The built-in The full-band jammer of the antenna is made of plastic casing, which solves this problem very well.

The third is easy to carry, better practicality and lower repair rate, because the old external antenna full-band jammer often lost or damaged the antenna, so the built-in antenna has the transmitting antenna and power supply built into the plastic case. Inside, it is very simple and convenient to use and carry in this way. When you need it, you only need to turn on the power to start normal use. You don’t need to disassemble the antenna after use, just turn off the power, so the use efficiency is greatly improved and Reduce later maintenance costs.

A customer wanted to buy a wireless signal jammer from us, and described their installation and use environment: their unit is a three-story building, the first floor is the factory workshop, the second floor is the office area and meeting room, and the third floor It is workshop and warehouse. After the wireless signal jammer was purchased, it was ready to be installed in the meeting room on the second floor, but there was a key requirement: the shielding range was limited to the meeting room, and it could not affect the wireless signals on the upper and lower floors and the normal use of mobile phones. Then the question arises, is it possible to install a wireless signal jammer in the meeting room on the second floor without affecting the first and third floors?

If it is absolutely necessary to guarantee that it will not affect other floors, it is basically impossible. Because the transmission mode and transmission characteristics of the wireless signal determine that it cannot achieve a one-size-fits-all effect, that is to say, the transmission boundary of the shielded signal emitted by the wireless signal jammer cannot be bounded by the walls around the conference room. And the deadline. Although the floor and ceiling of the meeting room are solid floor partitions, the RF signal will experience a very large attenuation when it penetrates the floor, but after all, there will still be a certain amount of signal that can penetrate through it, but the energy and intensity are much reduced. That's all. On the other hand: there are different numbers of doors and windows on the walls around the meeting room, and the shielded signal of the wireless signal jammer will have different degrees of refraction and reflection when encountering walls, doors, windows, etc. in the meeting room. There are even direct transmissions to the outside world through doors and windows. The attenuation caused by this phenomenon is not large, and it will inevitably have a certain impact on other rooms on the upper and lower floors. If you want to ensure that the first and third floors are not affected, there is a simple and crude way: completely seal the meeting room with a metal plate. inside the cavity space. But it is obvious that this solution is completely unacceptable and does not have practical operability.

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