Which electronic shield is suitable for interfering with children playing online games at home?

Which electronic shield is suitable for interfering with children playing online games at home?

Recently, I have received frequent inquiries from some children's parents that they need to buy a suitable electronic shielding device. The purpose is also very clear, that is, to interfere with the children at home who are addicted to online games for a long time. Because the end of the semester is approaching, children should also pay close attention to their schoolwork, and not waste too much time playing mobile games. Parents are also worried that forcibly holding their children's mobile phones will lead to rebellious psychology and backfire. So I figured out that by purchasing a suitable electronic jammer, the mobile phone signal (including WIFI network signal) of the online game can be secretly blocked without the child being aware of it. This will free you from online gaming to free up time to focus on your studies.

So, for this demand scenario, which electronic signal jammer should be selected? As a manufacturer, we cannot recommend the conventional electronic shielding device used in the school examination room to parents. First, the transmission power of this kind of equipment is a little larger, and its coverage usually exceeds the room in the general family. area, thereby affecting next-door neighbors. The second is because the electronic jammers used in the examination room are also larger in appearance and more conspicuous in the home. Unsightly.

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Therefore, we recommend that in this case, parents can choose our hand-held electronic shielding device, which can output 12 shielding signals at the same time. It is similar in size to conventional walkie-talkies and light in weight. It can be powered by a battery alone, or it can be used while charging. The more advantageous place is that this type of electronic shield is easy to use concealed, and it is basically invisible when placed in a bag or in some hidden corners.

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