Where to use wireless signal jammer

Where to use wireless signal jammer

Simply put, signal shielding is built to interfere with the operation of communications equipment. The device selects the operating frequency of the mobile phone, so it cannot affect the application of the mobile phone based on the data signal received by the communication base station. If you want to disable all normal functions on your phone, just install a wireless signal blocker and the phone will stop receiving special calls and messages within half a month.

Wifi signal jammer

Where to use wireless signal jammer:

1. Various large, medium and small examinations

Equity is the fundamental principle of social development. On the road of life, we have to face many exams, from elementary school to junior high school, then to junior high school, from junior high school to high school, to the college entrance examination, and the civil service recruitment exam. Make sure the exam is fair. The seriousness of the examination room. In various large, medium and small examinations, mobile phone signal blocking and other methods must be used to block all data signals in the examination room to meet the requirements of being unable to communicate with mobile phones, which can well prevent candidates from cheating.

2. Government agencies, enterprises

Government agencies, enterprises, etc. also have requirements for signal jammers for wifi. Government agencies. The frequency of corporate and other meetings can be said to be very high. In order to better allow participants to pay more attention to the meeting and better promote learning and training in the spirit of the meeting, at the same time, mobile phone signals must be blocked in order to keep the meeting confidential.

3. National defense areas, cells, and detention centers

Some areas that require strict control, such as key national defense areas, prison cells, detention centers, etc., have a high level of confidentiality, and mobile phones and other communication tools should be strictly supervised. In key areas of national defense, cells, detention centers and other areas, shielding data signals can greatly prevent the probability of leakage.

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