Where to use cell phone signal jammers?

Where to use cell phone signal jammers?

In today's society, mobile phones have become many important tools in people's work and life. Now when walking on the street, you can see people holding mobile phones in their hands. Apple's Nokia, Motorola, etc. are widely used to bring communication convenience. it goes without saying

But at the same time, it has also produced many dangers that cannot be ignored. Criminals use high-tech stealing methods to easily use a mobile phone as a listening tool, so that the scene and content of the conversation can be stolen by others or the other party. Easily intercepted, made or secretly located

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In important places such as prisons and detention centers, people involved in the case communicate with others and expose the case through mobile phones, which seriously affects the trial process and jeopardizes the safety of the people. The whole behavior of using mobile phones as a tool to clean up various examinations is being investigated one after another. Affects the fairness and publicity of the examination

It is true that the high-intensity radiation produced by mobile power equipment during operation has a huge impact on the safety of areas such as gas stations, chemical and electric power dispatching rooms. In the 8 bombings, terrorists sometimes used glass to shake electricity from the sky and exploded mobile phones.

bombs, causing terrorist attacks, seriously endangering life safety; in places such as hospital outpatient clinics, wards, and operating rooms where precision instruments are concentrated, electrodynamic waves will cause more than 90% of medical instruments to be interfered with to varying degrees, affecting the operation of the instruments and causing the generation of noise. , instrument

Vibration occurs in the reading, which may seriously lead to incorrect measurements or damage to the instrument, directly endangering the life safety of the patient. In addition, it may occur in bidding venues, memorials, museums, televisions, studios, recording studios, cinemas, concert halls, etc. Gold institutions, high-end wine

Hotel banquet halls, golf tournament venues, public places where loud noises are prohibited, civil aviation control departments, etc., mobile phones may become an important factor affecting the process. The cell phone signal jammer is an information and communication security product with completely independent intellectual property developed by the researchers of Topsignaljammer Company through in-depth analysis of the basic principles of communication and comprehensive comparison of electro-hydraulic manufacturing methods for mobile phone communications using modern high-tech. An electromagnetic protective field is formed around you, effectively preventing cell phone leaks and eliminating noise pollution generated by cell phones. Cell phone signal jammer is your trustworthy and loyal guard!

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