Where is the mobile phone signal jammer installed?

Where is the mobile phone signal jammer installed?

The vast majority of standardization construction processes include the installation of signal jammers for cell phone in examination rooms. However, during actual use, some customers will find that after activating the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room, the shielding effect is not ideal. If factors such as the selection of the shielding equipment itself and poor working performance are excluded, the installation method of the shielding equipment and how to choose the installation location of the shielding equipment will become the main factors affecting the shielding effect.

Mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room are generally installed according to the original design drawings. Common installation locations of shielding equipment are: the top of both sides of the front and rear blackboards or the middle of the blackboard, the top corners of the front and rear walls of the examination room, the middle area of the walls on both sides of the classroom, the beam in the middle of the classroom, etc. However, there are also some convenient and convenient drawings that will shield the shielding equipment.

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The equipment is placed directly on the podium or hidden on the podium. This method cannot be advocated, because hiding it on the podium is not only detrimental to the heat dissipation of the mobile phone signal shielding device in the examination room, but if the podium is made of metal, it is even more detrimental to signal transmission and directly affects the shielding effect.

Among all possible installation positions, from a theoretical analysis: if the cell phone signal blocker in the examination room uses an omnidirectional antenna, the position installed in the middle of the classroom is the ideal coverage and shielding effect position. That is to say, if the mobile phone signal jammer in the middle of the classroom There is a beam under which the shielding equipment is suspended, but this will bring about two problems: one is that it affects the appearance, and the other is that the classroom must have enough headroom.

Analysis from the signal transmission method: The mobile phone signal in the examination room and classroom is a distant base station signal, which is transmitted to the classroom through doors and windows. Then, the reasonable installation location is to choose the installation location of the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room, and choose the middle of the wall facing the direction of the base station to maximize the shielding effect of the shielding equipment.

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