Where can the piggyback jammer be used?

Where can the piggyback jammer be used?

As a new technological electronic device, smart phones are very popular in today's society. How should the convenience be constrained? The piggyback interferometer will be used in key vocational qualification examinations across the country. There is no doubt that mobile phones have already undergone earth-shaking changes in our daily lives. Mobile phones can make it easier for us to use the Internet. We can use mobile phones to buy or sell goods, but when you are working on your work, you are suddenly interrupted by a phone call. Therefore, the piggyback signal blocker can become a very good tool when mobile phones need to be banned. The piggyback interferometer can be applied precisely.

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(1) Schools strictly prohibit the use of mobile phones

When it comes to piggyback jammers, it may be easy to think of teaching. With the widespread use of mobile phones, it is not conducive to students to concentrate on their studies. More and more colleges and universities have installed piggyback jammers. In class, the behavior of students watching mobile phones and reading novels is very serious, and the backpack jammer will interfere with the signal of the mobile phone so that the mobile phone cannot access the Internet normally. In addition, after going through important exams, you will find that it will also be open in major exams to prevent students from using electronic devices such as mobile phones. Candidates use mobile phones as a special tool for cheating in postgraduate entrance examinations. In order to prevent cheating in the exam, college exams must use a piggyback jammer.

(2) Prison

Prison is a place where criminals are held, and there may be terrorists in it, because they should be strictly prohibited from communicating with the outside world, and they are not allowed to use mobile phones and other electronic products to communicate with the outside world, so as to prevent them from creating prison security threats , so the application of the piggyback jammer in prisons can avoid such things from happening.

(3) People's Court

The people's court is an area that protects the interests of the common people and ensures that the entire trial process will proceed smoothly without any external influence. As the people's court is a solemn place, it should not be disturbed by phone calls. Therefore, backpack jammers should be used in court to ensure authority.

(4) Recital or theater

Imagine if you were enjoying a great concert or a good movie and had your cell phone ringing theater nearby and everyone would get mad. This is why the art center is equipped with a piggyback interferometer. On the one hand, it can prevent the ringtones from affecting the music performers, and on the other hand, it can ensure that the audience has a better experience.

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