When do you need a mobile phone signal jammer?

When do you need a mobile phone signal jammer?

Mobile phones have narrowed the gap between people and brought great convenience to everyone's lives, but with the spread of mobile phones, information security leaks have become more serious, and signal control and shielding have also become more serious. increasing. Therefore, signal jammer have also appeared.

Where are signal jammers suitable? Mobile jammers are extremely versatile. Some secret-related organizations, secret-related conference rooms, parties and government agencies, universities, exam rooms, etc. are detailed as follows:

1. Various large and medium scale tests

Fairness and fairness are the basic principles of society, and life must face many exams, from elementary and junior high school entrance exams to university entrance exams and civil service recruitment exams. To prevent candidate fraud, various large and medium-sized tests use high-power jammers and other technical means in the laboratory to meet the needs of mobile phones that are inaccessible by communicating with the Internet. The signal needs to be shielded. Keeping the candidate secret is a good precaution.

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2. Government, company

Governments and businesses are also looking for mobile phone signal jammers. Meetings between governments and businesses are very frequent, but in order for participants to focus on the meeting and learn the spirit of the meeting, it is necessary to prevent the use of mobile phones. When the reader is attending a meeting, turn on the cell phone signal blocker to block the cell phone signal. Leaders are willing to speak and listen carefully.

3. Military powers, prisons, detention centers

Areas that require strict control, such as military powers, prisons, and detention centers, are extremely sensitive and mobile phones need to be tightly controlled. In areas such as military powers, prisons, and detention centers, shielding cell phone signals can greatly reduce the possibility of leaks.

In addition to the above three types of mobile phone signal jammers, it is also ideal to install cell phone blocker in places where telephone calls are prohibited, such as gas stations, oil depots, and hospitals.

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