When choosing a wireless jammer, you must keep your eyes open and look for this brand!

When choosing a wireless jammer, you must keep your eyes open and look for this brand!

Smartphones have been widely used in our lives, and some parents even equip their children with a smartphone, hoping to learn more knowledge through the phone. However, we all know that mobile phones can have a lot of knowledge to learn, and there are also many online games that will fascinate them. In particular, some students used their smartphones to search for answers on their phones during exams. So many friends want to know where to buy reliable wireless jammers.

Many friends do not know where to buy reliable wireless jammer. Because we can see that there are many distribution companies in the society. There are also many sales platforms and suppliers on the Internet. Their advertisements are very attractive, and many friends are dazzled. They don't know which sales manufacturer to go to buy wireless jammers. In fact, if we all want to buy a reliable wireless jammer for use, then we can see some projects that the manufacturer has done on the website, and we can learn about successful cases in it. And on the website, you must first find a good reputation to buy, because we all know that this manufacturer has done a lot of projects, and the good reputation proves that the products sold in this brand must be very good.

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How to use the wireless signal jamming device? What are the technical advantages

Today's mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful and intelligent. Mobile phones not only allow you to make calls, send text messages, but also social chat. Then there is a kind of rigor on important occasions. If it is some business secret meeting, or when discussing some plan, in order to avoid the leakage of information and keep the plan confidential, you can use wireless Signal jammer. Many companies will install wireless signal jammers in conference rooms, so what are the technical advantages of wireless signal jammers and how to use them? Let me introduce it to you.

How to use the wireless signal jammer:

1. When using a wireless signal jammer with an external antenna, the logo on the antenna must correspond to the one on the host, and then turn on the power of the wireless signal jammer to work.

2. The use of the wireless signal jammer with built-in antenna is relatively easy. Just plug in the power supply and turn on the switch to work.

The existing technical advantages of the wireless signal jammer:

1. It can be remotely controlled through TCP/IP network protocol, standard RJ45 network interface and independent IP address, and it can be connected to the network cable like a computer network to form a network

2. Mature and reliable, passed the safety inspection of electronic products by the Ministry of Public Security, the use of wireless signal jammers meets the technical prevention requirements of national signal control, and is green and environmentally friendly

3. It can effectively shield all 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile phone systems operated by China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom

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