What should I do if the signal jammer doesn’t work properly?

What should I do if the signal jammer doesn’t work properly?

In order to make it easier for users to use the signal jammer, this article will summarize some reasons that may cause the signal blocker you purchased not to work properly!

1. You must purchase a suitable jammer according to your needs, this is crucial!

1) If you want to block your mobile phone from accessing the Internet, be sure to choose a 2G3G4G full-frequency signal jammer. At this time, you must consider whether to add additional functions such as GPS (navigation and positioning) or WIFI (wireless network access)!

2) Choose a suitable switching power supply: the portable shielder has low output power and is easy to heat, while the desktop all-in-one shielder has high output power and good heat dissipation! The shielding range of the desktop all-in-one shielder is wider!

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3) If you want to block the gps track, you need to choose a 2-in-1 jammer (cheap 2GGPS jammer)) at least! Because if you only use the mini gps jammer to block the GPS, it will fully block the GPS through the embedded SIM card. Automatically activate GPRSGSM precise positioning.

2. After receiving the portable jammer equipped with a rechargeable battery (desktop all-in-one jammer without batteries), it must be fully charged within 6-10 hours;

3. Be sure to install all wireless antennas according to the signs (1-12-23-34-45-56-67-78-8 or GSM to GSMGPS to GPS...). More importantly, don't turn on the jammer without installing a wireless antenna!

4. Scope of impact: Part receiving sensitivity <=-75dBm. The impact distance will vary based on receiver sensitivity and location. If you are close to a signal base station, the effect of the jammer will be very poor!

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