What should be paid attention to when upgrading the wireless signal jammer to 5G?

What should be paid attention to when upgrading the wireless signal jammer to 5G?

The use of 5G mobile phones is becoming more and more common. If the 5G signal cannot be shielded during the exam, it is easy for candidates to use 5G mobile phones to cheat. Then this requires upgrading the previous machine, so what should be paid attention to when upgrading the wireless signal jammer to 5G?

Of course, it is the shielding frequency band of the wireless signal blocker. The wireless signal jammer installed by the school is mainly to prevent candidates from cheating through various high-tech communication methods. In addition to mobile phone 2/3/4/5G signals, such as WiFi signals, Bluetooth headsets , walkie-talkie, and other signals need to be shielded.

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Effective shielding distance, for a general examination room, install at least one wireless signal jammer in a classroom of the examination room. This jammer needs to be able to block the wireless signal of the entire examination room, and it is best not to interfere with the normal life of the surrounding residents. Therefore The effective shielding distance depends on the specific conditions of the examination room.

The stability of the shielding effect must be guaranteed to be shielded throughout the test process, and intermittent situations cannot occur.

Frequency Band Coverage: Wireless signal jammers should be upgraded to cover the frequency bands used by 5G signals. In addition to blocking 2G, 3G, and 4G signals, it is also critical to ensure that jammers effectively block specific frequency bands used by 5G networks. This includes not only mobile signals, but other wireless signals such as WiFi, Bluetooth headsets, and walkie-talkies, which can all be potential cheating tools.

Effective interference range: The wireless signal jammer should have sufficient range to cover the entire inspection area. For a typical testing room, at least one jammer should be installed to effectively block wireless signals. The range of a jammer should be carefully considered to ensure that it covers the inspection area while minimizing potential disturbance to nearby residents or adjacent spaces.

Stable jamming performance: It is crucial that the wireless signal jammer maintains a stable jamming effect throughout the inspection period. There should be no intermittent interruptions or fluctuations in the jammer's performance, as this could lead to cheating when the signal is unstable.

Finally, the wireless signal jammer operates at a low frequency when it is working, so it will not generate noise at all, and there is no need to worry about disturbing the candidates who are taking the test. At the same time, its radiation level meets the safety standards required by the country and will not cause harm to the invigilator and teachers. Candidates cause bodily harm.

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