What should be paid attention to in the conference room mobile phone signal jammer

What should be paid attention to in the conference room mobile phone signal jammer

In our daily work and life, as long as you pay attention, cell phone signal jammers are still relatively common. It is basically easy to see when you take various types of exams, and in conference rooms of enterprises and institutions. With the development of science and technology, the supporting facilities of the conference room are still relatively advanced and complete. The mobile phone wifi jammer in the conference room has also become one of the indispensable equipment for the supporting facilities of the conference room. The use of the jammer also needs to pay attention to the following two points.

First, the conference room mobile phone signal jammer has its scope of use

The conference room cell phone signal jammer, although it is called a jammer in name, does not actually block the signal itself, nor does it form a shielding layer after the jammer is turned on. The name of the cell phone signal jammer is more suitable. The main reason why the mobile phone can make calls, chat in the morning, and play games is mainly attributed to the base station of the operator. The base station has been transmitting signals to the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone can receive the signal. information displayed above. The jammer is to transmit an interference signal, so that when the mobile phone receives the signal of the base station, the normal signal is interfered, so the mobile phone cannot be used normally, so as to achieve the effect of the mobile phone being interfered. In the conference room, it may also happen that the mobile phone is not in the conference room, and the mobile phone cannot be used. This is because the signal emitted by the mobile phone signal jammer in the conference room overflows to the outside of the conference room through reflection and refraction. This situation will occur. Outside the conference room, the mobile phone may also have no signal and cannot be used normally.

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Second, the conference room mobile phone signal blocker is not able to block everything

At present, the conference room mobile phone signal jammers on the market are usually within 500 meters of the use site. There is no operator base station, and when there is no mobile phone signal indoor distribution system installed indoors, the interference radius can reach more than 20 meters. And only shield the mobile phone signal, will not cause interference to other electronic products. People often ask, can cell phone signal jammers in conference rooms block surveillance video? If surveillance cameras are transmitted through WiFi or 4G signals, then such surveillance cameras can interfere. The jammer, which interferes with the wireless transmission signal, will not cause interference to the surveillance cameras, landline phones and other equipment that use wired transmission.

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