What precautions should be taken when using the EOD jammer

What precautions should be taken when using the EOD jammer

The EOD jammer is also called the police jammer. The EOD jammer is mainly used in the EOD scene of the special police to interfere with the remote control bombs. The police jammer is mainly used to deal with sudden mass incidents, control public opinion, and control communication. There are two types of jammers, one is portable and the other is vehicle-mounted. There are also differences in the use of the two types of EOD jammers.

Before starting the portable police jammer, you need to confirm whether the built-in battery of the police jammer has electricity. It is best to charge the built-in battery of the portable police jammer after the previous task. The battery is full until the next time the task is performed, because the battery is not fully charged, the equipment cannot reach the normal working time, resulting in the failure of the task.

Before starting the portable police jammer in the drag box, it is necessary to connect the antennas of different frequency bands to the radio frequency modules of each frequency band, and screw them to the corresponding antenna interface to avoid virtual connection, otherwise the police jammer module will not be able to output normally, and it will not be possible to achieve this The signal shielding of the frequency band may even cause the module to burn out.

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Before powering on the vehicle-mounted EOD signal jammer, you need to use the antenna next to the co-pilot to upgrade the controller with one button to fully raise the antenna on the roof. After raising, the antenna is perpendicular to the ground. The EOD jammer uses an omnidirectional antenna. The best results are achieved only when the antenna is perpendicular to the ground.

The vehicle-mounted police jammer needs to charge the power compensation battery from time to time when it is not used for a long time. When charging the battery, you only need to start the vehicle and turn on the power to generate electricity, and no other operations are required.

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