What precautions should be taken when installing mobile phone shielding equipment in student dormitories?

What precautions should be taken when installing mobile phone shielding equipment in student dormitories?

In order to ensure that students can fall asleep immediately after going to bed and thus ensure that students have sufficient sleep and rest time, many schools’ solution is to install and use mobile phone shielding equipment. This can make students’ mobile phones appear to have no signal and no network, which means they can Effectively prevent students from hiding under the quilt to play mobile games, chat or watch short videos, etc. So, what precautions should be taken when installing mobile phone jammer in student dormitories?

The first thing to note is that mobile phone shielding equipment is generally installed in the corridors of dormitory buildings, rather than directly inside students' dormitories. Each mobile phone shielding instrument is wall-mounted and can usually cover 2-3 student dormitories. Considering that the reinforced concrete material on the floor has a very large attenuation effect on interference signals, it needs to be installed on each floor of the dormitory building.

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The second is the startup working time of the mobile phone shielding equipment. Usually it only needs to be turned on after the lights are turned off in the dormitory building. It can be turned off after 2-3 hours of continuous power on, because when students find that there is no signal on their mobile phones, they will naturally stop playing with their phones for a long time. When 2-3 hours later, all the students have fallen asleep, it is not necessary to turn on all the mobile phone shielding equipment. After midnight, since the purpose of preventing students from abusing mobile phones has been achieved, Turning off interfering equipment can also save power consumption.

For mobile phone shielding equipment installed in student dormitories, when selecting equipment, you also need to pay attention to the fact that the equipment must have a certain degree of anti-destruction. It is best to choose one with built-in antenna and built-in power supply. This can minimize the malicious damage caused by some naughty students to the device. If there is a gypsum board ceiling in the corridor of the dormitory building, installing the mobile phone shielding device inside the ceiling will provide a certain level of concealment and will also be of great benefit in preventing vandalism.

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