What performance should the mobile phone signal jammer have?

What performance should the mobile phone signal jammer have?

1. Adaptability to different environments

The environment used by mobile phone jammers is different, and it is a challenge for the adaptability of mobile phone jammers in different climates. High-quality mobile phone GPS Jammer should be able to withstand long-term stable operation in harsh environments, including dustproof, Moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, etc. For outdoor applications, it must also have the ability to prevent rain and lightning.

2. Working stability in high temperature environment

When the mobile phone signal jammer is used continuously for a long time, the heat generated will cause damage to the mobile phone jammer itself if it continues to accumulate, and there will also be a safety hazard. A high-quality mobile phone jammer should have good heat dissipation. The heat generated by the equipment is dissipated quickly to avoid continuous high temperature affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

3. Anti-sabotage ability

There will definitely be a small number of people who are disgusted by the place where the mobile phone jammer is used, and then these people will try to destroy the mobile phone jammer to ensure that these people obtain ulterior benefits, so a high-quality mobile phone jammer should have good anti-corrosion The ability to destroy, including the device itself, should adopt a fully enclosed casing to prevent these people from cutting off the antenna, destroying the power supply, or causing damage to the jammer in a violent way.

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4. Controllability

The controllability of the mobile phone jammer allows the administrator to control the device more quickly and efficiently, precisely controls the shielding range of the mobile phone jammer, does not cause interference to the outside world, and can obtain information at the first time when the device fails, which is fast and efficient Troubleshooting to ensure that the equipment under its jurisdiction can exert the greatest control effect.

Ability to shield signals: This is the core performance of the mobile phone signal jammer. It must be able to effectively shield nearby mobile phone signals so that it cannot be connected to the mobile communication network normally. The effect of shielding needs to reach a certain level before it can play a practical role.

Coverage: The mobile phone signal jammer needs to cover a relatively large area, because all the surrounding mobile phone signals need to be blocked. Therefore, it needs to have enough transmit power and receive sensitivity to be able to cover the entire shielded area.

Compatibility with communication equipment: The jammer needs to be compatible with various types of communication equipment, such as 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, so that it can shield all mobile communication signals.

Safety: The mobile phone signal jammer needs to have certain safety performance to ensure that it will not interfere with other surrounding equipment and communication signals. It needs to be able to block cell phone signals while keeping other wireless devices functioning normally.

Ease of operation: Cell phone jammers need to be simple and easy to use, so that operators can easily turn on and off the blocking function. It also needs to be able to quickly adjust parameters such as shielding range and power to meet the needs of different occasions.

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