What methods can be used to improve the shielding effect of 5G mobile phone jammers?

What methods can be used to improve the shielding effect of 5G mobile phone jammers?

5G mobile phone jammers have followed immediately with the advent of the 5G era. Currently, various styles of 5G cell phone jammers on the market are already in sufficient supply. With the upgrading of the original 3G and 4G shielding equipment many years ago, many customers have also completed the upgrade and replacement work for their own units. But even in the process of upgrading, many customers have given us feedback. The main meaning is that after installing new equipment in some places, the shielding effect for 5G is obviously different from the shielding effect in the previous 3G and 4G era. . The customer's question arises, why do some sites show poor shielding effects? What methods can be used to improve the shielding effect of 5G mobile phone jammers?

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First, we need to understand the current development status of 5G. According to public technical information and data released by various operators, the power of today's 5G communication base stations is much higher than the signal strength of previous 3G and 4G base stations. 5G uses high-frequency bands greater than 2.5GHz. A major feature of the high-frequency band is that it uses a wider bandwidth, but its diffraction ability is weak and the relative transmission distance will be shorter. This will further lead to the construction density of 5G base stations being much higher than before.

It is precisely because the transmission power of 5G base stations is higher and the distribution density of 5G base stations is closer. Although mobile phone users get a very stable and reliable 5G experience, it also increases the difficulty of shielding 5G mobile phones by 5G signal jammers. This is why some customers clearly feel that the current shielding effect is not as good as before.

So what methods can be used to improve the shielding effect of 5G mobile phone jammers? In fact, signal shielding is also power suppression. The result depends on the amount of power. The quality of 5G mobile phone signal shielding largely depends on the intensity of the shielding signal’s transmit power. Therefore, customers can appropriately request 5G mobile phone shielding. This step is required for device manufacturers to ensure or increase the transmission power of the 5G frequency band as much as possible. Furthermore, when choosing a 5G mobile phone jammer, you must carefully understand how many 5G shielding modules the device is actually equipped with. Relatively speaking, the greater the number of 5G shielding modules and the more detailed the frequency division, the lower the final shielding The effect will be improved.

If the customer still encounters a situation where the ideal shielding effect cannot be achieved in any case, the last effective way is to contact the 5G mobile phone signal jammer manufacturer to customize a high-power shielding module for the 5G frequency band.

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