What method does the UAV jammer countermeasure equipment rely on to restrain the UAV?

What method does the UAV jammer countermeasure equipment rely on to restrain the UAV?

In recent years, as drones have gradually entered our daily life, they have performed prominently in environmental monitoring, express logistics, power inspection, disaster rescue, and aerial photography. Although the drone industry has developed rapidly in the past two years and drone technology is also very mature, at the same time, there is a problem worthy of our consideration, that is, how to prevent the occurrence of security incidents caused by drones. This requires professional drone countermeasures to monitor and interfere with drones. So what method does this countermeasure device rely on to restrain the drone?

In some places, by developing application software and using positioning data to intervene drones, by locating the "no-fly zone" in real time, flight precautions are provided for drone users to avoid accidental intrusions. Now, the regulations for the management of UAVs are gradually improving, especially the technology of anti-UAV jammers is gradually mature. Obtain as many flying rights as possible for drones and promote the healthy development of the drone industry.

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Under the condition of ensuring the safety of low-altitude areas, some areas use uav jammer countermeasure equipment to reduce the occurrence of "black flying" as much as possible. The UAV jammer countermeasure device interferes with the application function on the UAV, so that the control system on the UAV fails, and the operator cannot control it, which indirectly causes the UAV to no longer continue to fly.

Indigenous New Zealanders have large supermarkets such as New World, Countdown and PAK'nSAVE. In order to attract more loyal customers, these supermarkets have launched various membership programs to strengthen customer loyalty. For example, members can enjoy discounts and additional discounts for regular activities. However, in 2014, New World in Auckland, New Zealand quietly installed GPS at the time of purchase to better understand customers' purchasing preferences. This has also drawn resistance from some customers who use cell phone jammers.

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The locator is a rectangular black plastic box that is placed in a basket. After installation, most customers didn't notice it. The supermarket's approach has drawn much criticism. The New Zealand media believe customers have the right to be notified without notice. The University of Auckland marketing professor also believes that customers have the right to know that their consumption behavior is being tracked. However, Whiteria, the manager of New World Supermarket, explained: "It's not illegal. Tell customers this is an ethical issue. We are thinking about. GPS technology can help us understand consumption habits, connect the system, and you can see the shopping cart in the store.

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