What is the best way to interfere with the signal jammer in the examination room in the school?

What is the best way to interfere with the signal jammer in the examination room in the school?

The most important place to use the signal jammer in the examination room is the school examination room, especially important examination occasions such as the high school entrance examination, the college entrance examination, the postgraduate entrance examination, and the college English level 4 or 6 skill certificate. There are also many schools that install wifi jammer in the examination room in the classrooms, and also use them during mid-term and final exams in peacetime. Some schools even open the jammers to use them during class. So, how to install the test room signal jammer in the school to have the best effect?

For important but temporary occasions such as the college entrance examination, postgraduate examination, CET-4 and CET-6 English, etc., because it is only a few days, there is no need to install the signal jammer in the test room, and you can choose a convenient and flexible jammer. As long as the test room signal jammer is brought to the classroom before the test starts, it can be used. In this case, most of the shields are placed in the front and back of the classroom for easy access to electricity, and they can also be placed directly on the podium in the examination room. For better shielding effect, one can be placed in the front and back of the classroom to better ensure the shielding effect.

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The test room signal jammer should be used in the classroom for a long time. At this time, the shielding device needs to be fixed in the classroom, which also has extremely high requirements for installation. In order to pursue better shielding effect, it can be placed about 3 meters away. In addition, it can be equipped with a signal blocker for the examination room that needs to be switched on and off. It can be controlled in the same way during use, which is convenient for management.

High-power signal jammers (hundreds of W or even more than 1000W) have very strong shielding ability and are suitable for special occasions such as prisons and detention centers. But because of its strong shielding ability, if it is close to a residential area, it will inevitably affect the normal mobile phone calls of nearby people. Therefore, high-power signal jammers are generally used in places that are relatively open and far away from residential areas.

The shielding radius of low-power signal jammers (generally 12W-20W) is between 1-10 meters. Some product manuals claim to be between 1-20 meters and 1-30 meters. The actual upper limit here is difficult. achieved.

This is because the shielding effect of the jammer mainly depends on the signal strength of the place of use. If multiple signal base stations are set up on the campus of a certain school, and the receiving level of mobile phones is ≥-70dBm, the actual shielding of the jammer will be greatly shortened, and it may only shield a distance of 2 or 3 meters.

If there is no base station on campus and the mobile phone reception level is ≥-90dBm, the shielding effect of the mobile phone signal jammer will be very good. There is no problem in shielding a distance of 10 meters. One jammer is enough for one examination room.

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