What does it mean when the mobile phone signal shows LTE?

What does it mean when the mobile phone signal shows LTE?

1. Indicates that the phone is using 4G network. The full name of LTE is Long Term Evolution, which is a high-speed wireless communication standard applied to mobile phones and data card terminals. Until December 6, 2010, the International Telecommunication Union officially called LTE 4G.

2. There are two LTE systems: LTE-FDD and TDD-LTE, namely frequency division duplex LTE system and time division duplex LTE system. The main difference between the two technologies lies in the physical layer of the air interface.

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(1) LTE-FDD system air interface uplink and downlink transmission uses a pair of symmetrical frequency bands to receive and send data.

(2) The uplink and downlink of the TDD-LTE system use the same frequency band to transmit on different time slots.

(3) Compared with FDD duplex mode, TDD has higher spectrum utilization.

The cell phone jammer can block the mobile phone signal, so that the mobile phone is in a state of no signal and no communication, and it can also block the signal of GPS, wifi and bluetooth.

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