What countermeasures are used by the UAV countermeasure system?

What countermeasures are used by the UAV countermeasure system?

With the rapid development of social economy, some important places such as large facilities, transportation hubs, and government agencies are widely distributed and expanding outward. Due to the complex environment around large buildings and important facilities, it is a huge task to prevent and deal with various drone "black flying" situations. So, what are the countermeasures of the UAV countermeasure system?

As a professional technical means to deal with accident-prone drones, the drone countermeasure system can monitor, interfere, deceive or destroy "black flying" drones. The UAV countermeasure system can be selected according to the actual application environment, and there are various types such as fixed installation type, handheld portable type, and vehicle-mounted type. The equipment and methods in different places are different, and the UAV countermeasure system mainly achieves the goal through multiple countermeasures such as signal interference, violent destruction, control and monitoring. Among them, most drones use GPS satellites for navigation or positioning functions. According to this feature, the drone countermeasure system achieves the purpose of countering drones by shielding and interfering with GPS signals in the protected area.

The UAV countermeasure system can use different methods such as radio and radar to monitor the position of the UAV. After tracking and locking, it will interfere with the data signal, navigation and positioning signal of the UAV that caused the accident, and cut off the UAV and the operator. The communication signal between them forces the drone to leave to ensure the safety of the field.

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How to use drone countermeasure technology to monitor "black flying" situation?

In recent years, the potential safety hazards caused by drones have become increasingly serious, and it is urgent to solve the problems, which requires drone countermeasures to suppress their interference. UAV countermeasure technology is based on technologies such as radar, optoelectronics, navigation deception, and drone signal jammer. It is widely used in various industries and has promising development prospects. However, there is still a long way to go in the development of UAV countermeasure technology.

The use of radar detection is the main way to find "black flying" targets in drone countermeasures. In the process of manufacturing drones, balsa wood and composite materials are generally used. This material reduces the response time of radar detection. So that the radar will not easily respond to some small targets. The air noise and motor noise generated by the UAV during flight make it easy to be detected, which is also one of the many countermeasures for UAVs. A single countermeasure method cannot accurately and efficiently detect "black flying" targets, and the need for multiple detection methods to coordinate will be the development trend of UAV countermeasure technology. Through the coordination of multiple detection functions, a countermeasure system combining multiple detection methods has been established, which can obtain various information such as target position, video image, and radio signal frequency in time, greatly improving the countermeasure effect.

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