What are the characteristics of the signal jammer in the test room?

What are the characteristics of the signal jammer in the test room?

Laboratory signal blocker are mainly used in laboratory, what are the characteristics of laboratory signal jammers?

Today, mobile jammers in doctor's offices are common in places like doctor's offices. Many people do not know how many jammers in this type of office are. Fortunately, some people can be deceived after entering the doctor's office. I got the result. Many people think this is similar to a router. Probably just a disguise. In fact, they are all wrong ideas. A signal jammer in a test room is a bit like a router, but it's not a router, it's a device that cuts off the connection between your cell phone and a signal base station.

Adjustable Box Type Hidden Antenna Cell Phone  Wifi Jammer

Jammer features

1. Currently, even many schools have such signal jammers installed in all classrooms. Such signal jammers are small and take up less space. Also, since the shell is made of metal, it is well protected and the point is to prevent moisture.

2. The signal jammer in the test room shields the signal of the mobile phone. Different brands have different amounts of blocked signals.

3. The signal jammer in the test room is designed to shield the test signal, the shield is more accurate. It also does not shield the signals of other electronic devices, reducing the possibility of false interference. In addition, the use of test room signal jammers does not compromise the life safety of test room students and teachers. Since it does not contain radiation, there is no need to worry.

The cell phone jammer in the doctor's office has its own characteristics, unlike the prison signal jammer. First, the working time is usually 3 hours, which reduces the heat dissipation requirement because it does not have to operate 24 hours a day like a prison signal jammer. Second, education department budgets are generally low and product cost performance requirements are high.

Built-in antenna One of the advantages of mobile phone signal jammer is that it is easy to use and can be connected directly. External antenna signal jammers, on the other hand, require the corresponding antenna to be mounted in the correct position according to the label, which is more cumbersome. In addition, the external antenna signal jammer dissipates heat through the metal shell on the surface, which causes the surface temperature to rise and become even hotter after a period of use.

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