What are the characteristics of the backpack frequency jammer?

What are the characteristics of the backpack frequency jammer?

This backpack-type frequency signal jammer is suitable for large conference venues, troops, anti-terrorist units, border control, etc. The specific advantages are as follows:

Backpack design is easy to carry, built-in large-capacity battery, continuous power supply for 2-3 hours. Modular work, the frequency band can be customized and optional. Backpack frequency jammers all use high-power modules with wide coverage.

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The host box is made of anti-fall, strong and durable metal paint box. Considering the use in special places, the backpack-type frequency jammer can be specially customized for military mini backpacks, which is convenient for installation and operation.

Ensure the backpack type frequency jammer works stably and has a long service life. The host has a built-in high-efficiency cooling fan.

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