What are the applications of police signal jammer cars

What are the applications of police signal jammer cars

The police signal jammer car can be used in the following aspects:

It is used for detonation. Before detonation, it is necessary to start the signal jammer vehicle to effectively interfere with the wireless communication signal around the bomb, so as to prevent terrorists from detonating the bomb through the remote control wireless device during the detonation process, so as to avoid huge casualties.

In the process of the police rounding up criminals, the police signal jammer car interferes with the common communication frequency, preventing the criminal gang or the police team from leaking secrets through wireless devices and making the roundup invalid. At the same time, it can also prevent the criminals from being able to remotely control the bombs at the key entrances of the building, so that the police can quickly enter the building to round up and avoid casualties.

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Police jammer vehicles protect the border from remote-controlled improvised explosive devices buried along the way by terrorists while patrolling with military convoys.

In the event of a local ground war, the police signal jammer vehicle can prevent the enemy from detonating bombs in advance, so as to ensure the safety of the chariots, tanks and soldiers of our land attack troops.

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