What are the advantages of police jamming vehicles

What are the advantages of police jamming vehicles

In order to deal with the occurrence of large-scale illegal assemblies and parades and sudden mass incidents, tactical ultra-high-power police jamming vehicles are very important. The car adopts ultra-wideband design, all-digital (DDS) high-power modularization, simple operation, and can be very convenient and fast to send out shielding signals in dynamic or static conditions, preventing criminals from radio-controlled bombs and blocking through radio communication/leakage .

In terms of anti-terrorism, the police signal jammer has the following advantages:

1) All frequencies between 20-6000MHz can be shielded, and the frequency can be adjusted at any time to avoid the police law enforcement frequency.

2) The police jamming vehicle is equipped with a special power generation system/control system, which retains the rear seats, does not occupy space, and does not produce exhaust gas and noise.

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3) The roof antenna adopts an electric lodging mechanism to achieve rapid lifting. When the police jamming vehicle performs its task, it can be interspersed in the VIP or leader convoy under the condition of supporting a speed of 100 kilometers per hour to prevent the robbers from detonating the remote control bomb. If the police jammer does not perform tasks, the antenna can be lowered and hidden to facilitate other tasks.

4) The modular plug-in design facilitates the frequency and power rise and fall of the communication jamming vehicle in the later stage, and at the same time facilitates daily maintenance and repair.

5) The full set of police jamming vehicles is equipped with DDS modules, the output power and frequency bands of the modules can be changed through the computer main control software, and special communication frequency bands can be set in emergency situations.

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