What are the advantages of installing a mobile phone signal jammer in an auditorium?

What are the advantages of installing a mobile phone signal jammer in an auditorium?

The rapid development of mobile communication has brought great convenience to people's work and life, but the side effects caused by mobile phones have also become increasingly apparent. The unsafe factors of mobile phones are mainly reflected in: in important secret-related places such as agencies, factories, enterprises and institutions, intentional or unintentional dialing of the mobile phone or forgetting to turn off the phone may cause leakage incidents at any time. In some important confidential occasions or meetings, the use of mobile phones is prohibited. At this time, we will use the mobile phone signal jammer. The signal jammer is the latest green and new information security and confidentiality product developed by using modern high technology. Its principle is roughly similar to the distance from the communication signal source. According to the power of the shield, a fan-shaped shielding space is customized, and the normal wireless connection between the signal source and the mobile phone is cut off, so that the mobile phone in this space is invalid and cannot be received or called out. To achieve the purpose of forcibly banning mobile phones, so as to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the scene. The appearance of the equipment is simple, elegant, dignified and beautiful; the efficient and intelligent cooling and heat dissipation system has stable performance, safety and reliability; the built-in professional directional antenna does not need an external antenna, and it can work directly with the mains power; good electromagnetic compatibility, integrated design and installation Easy to use and manage.

Topsignaljammer electronic technology mobile phone signal jammer detailed parameters: simple and elegant appearance, solemn and beautiful Function frequency band: CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/3G/4G/2.4G (WLAN/WIFI/Bluetooth)

Antenna form: ten-way independent system, built-in professional antenna

Effective shielding range: 5-40 meters

Start mode: manual switch

Continuous working time: ≥24 hours, high stability

Applicable places: suitable for secret-related medium and large conference rooms, auditoriums, venues, hotels and other places

How to use:

1. Open the package and check whether the parts are in good condition;

2. Connect the power adapter and power cord to the right port of the fuselage;

3. Insert the plug into the 220V mains socket;

4. Place the shield on a plane 180cm above the ground (or hang it on a vertical wall), and ensure that the front panel is tilted forward 3~5 degrees;

5. Press the switch of the fuselage, the jammer can start to work automatically.

10 Bands Portable High Power Cell Phone Jammer Jamming GPS WiFi 4G

Key technical solutions and implementation methods of important functions:

(1) Broadband, high-power output: to solve the improvement of broadband power gain, power stability control after gain increase, waveform in-band smoothness and out-of-band suppression, control of out-of-band spurious indicators, and broadband output VSWR Indicators (some indicators are repeatedly tested before the R&D plan is finalized, and are omitted during normal production and after the product quality is stable).

(2) Shielding between multiple systems: In the small space of the shielding device, there are 6 systems of CDMA, GSM, DCS/PHS, 3G1.3G, 4G1.4G transmitting high-power, wide-band signals at the same time , to solve the cross-modulation index generated between these multiple signals (repeatedly adjusted during research and development, and omitted during production).

b. Slow-start circuit technology: The use of slow-start circuit can avoid the spark phenomenon caused by mechanical switches, and the integration is high and the work is stable.

c. Uninterrupted work for a long time: The equipment adopts high-quality components, metal shell, and has good heat dissipation performance. It can work 7×24 hours without interruption, and long-term work will not cause damage to the performance of the equipment.

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