What are the advantages of installing a cell phone jammer system in prisons

What are the advantages of installing a cell phone jammer system in prisons

In prisons, detention centers and other supervision places, other communication tools such as mobile phones are prohibited from being brought into the supervision area. Once the mobile phone is brought into the supervision place and used, it will bring great influence to the management, safety and development of the supervision place. harm. Because of this, the installation of cell phone jammer systems in supervised places such as prisons has reached a very necessary level.

Compared with ordinary mobile phone jammers, the mobile phone shielding system has relatively prominent advantages, mainly in the following aspects

1. The mobile phone signal jammer system can be centrally controlled and managed through software

The entire mobile phone shield system is controlled and managed by a set of software, and managers can see the shielding status in the monitoring area at a glance through the unit structure diagram (equivalent to the unit electronic map) on the main control software.

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2. The mobile phone signal jammer system can freely group the cell phone jammers, fully open, fully close, switch in groups (by building, sub-area), and switch on a point-to-point basis.

3. Managers can manually operate the cell phone jammer system or set up to automatically query the working status of each cell phone jammer. For faulty or damaged cell phone jammers, the cell phone jammer system can instantly find out, greatly reducing the daily patrol of managers. Check time and speed.

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