What are Bomb Jammers?

What are Bomb Jammers?

Bomb jammers are nothing more than high-powered jammers with various frequency cuts combined in a single device.

What are bomb jammers used for?
Bomb jammers are used to protect stocks and imported sites, which are at risk from terrorist attacks.

In fact, these frequency jammers do not allow radio controls of any kind (covered by the frequency range of the same) to transmit the ignition of the explosive, thus making any terrorist attack null and void.

In addition to the physical protection of subjects at risk, they are also used for the protection of privacy (bomb jammer with less power), making the conference rooms safe not only from any explosives, but also from any bugs, allowing the exchange of information in the most total safety.

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Is it true that exposure to bomb jammers is bad for the human body?
Probably yes, certainly not good for you. All those radio waves can visibly annoy the human body, the most common symptom is headache.

In fact, to fulfill this problem, the bomb signal jammer are installed on cars that precede or follow the person concerned. Furthermore, each car is generally armored and the antennas are placed outside the vehicle, both to ensure greater effectiveness of the device and to protect the people inside the vehicle.

Who can buy bomb jammers?
Bomb jammers can only be purchased by government agencies, their use and possession by unauthorized persons are strictly prohibited.

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