Use the mobile phone signal jammer should understand the principle issues

Use the mobile phone signal jammer should understand the principle issues

Among the people who use cell phone jammer, some are to avoid cheating in exams, and some are to quiet the conference or to keep confidential information in the conference. These are all for good wishes and purposes. But it is also for self-interest. For example, the owner of a public phone may use a jammer to interfere with the mobile communication base station around his business location, and let the people who work around the public phone that he operates, and the mobile phone is not easy to use. Instead, use public telephones to make calls and increase their economic benefits. In addition, mobile communication operators may also use shielding devices to harm the interests of others, so that they can gain superiority in certain local competitions in the same industry. In addition, the mobile phone signal jammer is also very easy to add software to become a veritable monitoring device.

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The above list is the purpose of people using the device, but no matter what the purpose is, it should not be obtained at the expense of mass mobile communications. In fact, according to research, it is possible to install the device without affecting the normal application of mass mobile communications.

Theoretical analysis shows that when the device is working, if the setting is unreasonable, the transmission power is too large. In a small-scale meeting room, classroom and other enclosed spaces, electromagnetic waves accumulate in a small space and pass through the walls and ceilings that are originally separated from the outside. , Several reflections from the ground will cause people in the room to be exposed to serious electromagnetic pollution. According to the survey, the examination room is the place where the signal shielding device is used the most, and in some examination rooms where the device is applied, some of the parties (inspectors, examinees and teachers) suffer from irritability, unable to concentrate, etc., and individual examinees even have headache symptoms. . There are many signs that if the transmission power of the device is turned on too large, it will seriously endanger the normal thinking of candidates in the examination room.

Everyone knows that the characteristics of the free propagation of radio waves in mid-air, mobile phone signal jammers can block the mobile communication base station signals in a certain area and achieve their limited purpose, but also damage the health to different degrees. Use this equipment with caution.

Functional management departments should increase management and control efforts and standardize applications: In response to the increasing use of mobile phone signal jammers from all walks of life, functional departments such as the Radio Management and Security Bureau must increase management and control efforts to standardize the application of this equipment.

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