Use of radio frequency jammers in policing activities

Use of radio frequency jammers in policing activities

The radio frequency jammer is a kind of explosion-proof equipment widely equipped in the explosion-proof related places. Radio frequency jammers are usually used for defensive jamming of remote-controlled explosive objects, and can play a role in many important police activities. With the comprehensive popularization of 4G networks, the data traffic charges of major operators have been greatly reduced, and various real-time video communication software and live video platforms have risen rapidly. Although these softwares have brought convenience and entertainment to people's lives, they have also brought varying degrees of interference to the law enforcement activities of public security organs. The radio frequency jammer shields and covers radio signals by emitting high-power multi-band radio waves. It is usually used at the EOD site to interfere with the frequency of remote-controlled explosive devices, so that the explosive devices cannot be detonated.

There is no small matter in the bombing case, and the public security organs are equipped with radio frequency jammers, the main purpose of which is to prevent the threat of remotely controlled explosives. The application of radio frequency jammers in the handling of explosion-related cases is relatively mature. Turning on the radio frequency jammer first at the blasting site has become one of the primary means for some EOD teams.

When dealing with an explosion scene, the full frequency band should be used to block interference as much as possible, and the low-frequency signal of point-to-point remote control should be completely covered by the high-frequency signal of mobile phone 5G. The number of radio frequency channels and radio frequency power required by this interference mode is very large, so it puts forward high requirements on the performance of the equipment, and the upgrade and daily maintenance of the radio frequency jammer equipment in the later period should be strengthened.

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The importance of on-site testing of wireless jammers

In China, wireless jammers have become standard equipment in examination rooms. For example, wireless jammers are used to prevent candidates from communicating with the outside world through wireless signals. In order to cope with the situation in the exam, schools all over the country are also stepping up preparations for the exam, especially in the construction of the exam room. In order to prevent candidates from cheating through communication tools such as mobile phones, schools are purchasing and installing wireless signal shielding equipment. The wireless jammer can shield the 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi signals of the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone cannot work normally, and can effectively prevent students from cheating by using electronic devices such as mobile phones. It is precisely because the wireless jammer has such a good interference effect that it has become one of the necessary equipment in many examination places.

In order to ensure the quality and range of the shielding effect when purchasing wireless jammer equipment, it is best to conduct an on-site test on the signal shielding equipment. Because the external environment of each examination room is different, especially some examination rooms are relatively close to the communication signal base station, the low-power wireless jammer may not achieve the required shielding effect or even the shielding effect due to the influence of the signal base station effect, which requires a more powerful wireless jammer. Therefore, when purchasing wireless signal shielding equipment, it is best to test it on the actual use site of the signal shielding equipment.

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