Use jammers to deter terrorists

Use jammers to deter terrorists

A honeycomb "security bubble" in London can protect Bush from a very real threat: Terrorists use cell phones to detonate bombs miles away or even out of another country. By connecting a cell phone to the hidden explosive and then calling the cell phone, a bomb may explode (the charge that activates the phone ringing will trigger the signal). In May 2002, Palestinian militants in Tel Aviv connected a bomb to a cell phone, and the bomb nearly entered the fuel truck at Israel's largest gas station, causing a major explosion. (The bomb went off, but the fire went out.)

Handheld Portable GPS Jammer Blocks GSM 3G 4G WiFi Frequency

I think this is a good example of how to provide technical innovators with an operational space, open innovation and create value-added applications that no one can think of.

Four years ago, the Tom Clancy conspiracy used cell phone jammer to deter terrorists, using cell phones as bomb detonators. Now, that appears to be a potentially useful tech app.

The FCC must review these regulations. If they find that they have made technological advancements that can only block cellphones in a limited restricted area, then they should change the rules to reflect that. They can specify parameters that legal jamming devices must adhere to. Or, they can ask the organization to obtain a license from the FCC or town hall.

Authorities say jammers can be an easy and inexpensive way to combat the blackmail and kidnapping industry. According to the authorities, 50% of crimes related to blackmail and kidnappings are perpetrated by cell phone in prisons and prisons. However, as it is similar to laws prohibiting interference in other jurisdictions, due to the context of the law, the legality of its sales and use has not been determined.

People use cell phones inappropriately and without dignity, and traditional respect for others makes this regression a reality. The same has happened with smoking. I will use a jammer to end the cell phone nuisance in the classroom as well as text messaging, exam cheating and other annoying issues. These are all symptoms of rude people.

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