UAV Signal Conflict-Importance of Interference Technology

UAV Signal Conflict-Importance of Interference Technology

With the rapid growth of the drone industry, some individuals and groups are beginning to use drones for malicious purposes on a global scale. Many companies are paying attention to this trend and are trying to enter the anti-drone industry. They introduced a variety of drone guns, anti-UAS shots, attack birds, network artillery, lasers, missiles, GPS jammer, radio transmitters and more.

It seems that the projectiles and lasers weren't hit when the drone descended (although this kind of evidence would definitely change this analysis). In addition to physical projectiles, there are three known non-dynamic methods used to stop the drone. Radio frequency (RF) interference, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) interference, and deception. RF interference breaks the link between the drone and its operator, usually causing the drone to descend or return home. With GNSS, the drone loses its link to satellite navigation, after which the drone usually hovering, landing, or returning home in place. Through deception, the attacker provides the drone with new information to control the flight.

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By the way, the operation on the Crimean Peninsula was a great success without bloodshed, as all Ukrainian military communications were cut off. I'm not sure about mobile phones, but mobile phones are not allowed as a military communications channel ... Therefore, the Ukrainian army did not resist because it did not receive an order from Kiev. They don't want a lot ... many just eagerly joined the Russian army and navy.

It didn't "close" anything. First, it causes a great sensation in the radar oscilloscope until the software or the person in charge presses the "Search for Interference" mode button. The weapon system is then locked to the jammer. In a real war, the signal jammer disappears in a few seconds. The American ship didn't want it to be a fierce war, so it made the destroyer think it was removing it. you're welcome.

China will continue to develop a variety of features aimed at limiting or preventing the use of space-based assets by enemies in times of crisis and conflict, such as the development of directed-energy weapons and satellite jamming.

The problem is that many potential enemies, such as Chinese and Russians, are developing advanced digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) jammers. These jammers effectively memorize incoming radar signals and repeatedly send them back to the sender. This will significantly reduce the performance of the Friend Radar.

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