Tips to share: Cell phone signal jammer

Tips to share: Cell phone signal jammer

Mobile phones and base stations are connected through radio waves within a certain frequency range, and data and sound are transmitted at a certain baud rate and modulation. During operation, the cell phone signal jammer scans from the low end frequency of the front to the high end of the channel at a certain speed. When the mobile phone receives the information signal, the scanning speed will produce garbled interference, and the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data from the base station, resulting in the mobile phone being unable to establish a connection with the base station, thus achieving the purpose of blocking the mobile phone signal. The mobile phone behaves like network search, no signal, and no service. system phenomena.

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In short, the mobile phone signal jammer will emit frequency signals when working, which will interfere with the mobile phone receiving the normal frequency emitted by the base station, thereby achieving the purpose of shielding.

How to choose a signal blocker for cell phone ? Have you memorized these three methods? Let's learn together:

Shop around to select products and conduct extensive research to learn more about:

Investigate product quality, technical means, brand, etc.;

Through Internet search, initially understand and communicate with technical personnel, and listen to technical explanations;

Prison demonstration to see the effect:

Select a few and go to the site to test and demonstrate the shielding effect;

Examine the actual effects of the case.

After the demonstration, the application, operating status and actual effect of the product in other similar projects can be tested;

During the inspection, take your mobile phone to an approved shielding area to verify the shielding effect.

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