Theater mobile phone jammer Keep the phone away

Theater mobile phone jammer Keep the phone away

If you're like me, you're enjoying a good movie experience and you can pay for overpriced tickets and popcorn. What I'm not really grateful for is when other movie fans are using their smartphones throughout the show. Even the darkest screens can illuminate the entire corridor and interfere with the viewing experience of many. I know it was really an emergency, but the fact that her little screen keeps lighting every 30 seconds means that my own experience as well as an SMS session with people who aren't very interested in movies is pending. Indicates that it has been done. If you can't use your mobile device safely and legally while driving (I sincerely agree), in my view you can make a reasonable argument that the use of mobile devices is also banned in cinemas. increase. This is not a theater security issue, but paying customers should have a significant impact on the distraction policy of the devices used in the theater.

Theater cell phone jammer

To serve millennial customers, AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aaron told Variety Magazine that he would accept the possibility that some theater people would write lyrics. Social media channels were instantly illuminated by angry movie fans, and AMC Theaters responded immediately. "With your advice, the AMC Theaters auditorium will not allow texts today, today, tomorrow, and foreseeable futures." The last thing the theater chain wants to do is keep loyal theater clients away. That is, they already have to fight personal consumption against the competition of premium movie services, streaming, VOD, home theater systems. If the theater doesn't pay more attention, the nostalgia of car movie theaters soon, Large retail chains like BlockBuster may rely on the lack of vision they once showed, so if they agree that theater chains are unacceptable to use the phone between movies, they How can this policy be implemented?

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Method 1 – Self-management:

Theaters can always ask their customers for self-control. Several campaigns have already begun to remind unpleasant customers. These include box office revenues or memories of all movie fans who reported the incident to the nearest Asher. But this vigilant approach can't lead to law and order in our cinema, especially if juicy fruit candies thrown at the right speed can crack the screen of your smartphone. If the guest himself is entrusted to the police, there will inevitably be criticism and interference.

Method 2 – Interfere All Phones: RF Interferer

Anyone can buy a mini pocket RF mobile jammer online for less than $ 100 and knock out their phone in theaters or where you have an ugly head due to misuse of your smartphone. Vigilants on these smartphones were previously created in busy areas of the road to keep commuter drivers away from the phone. The problem is that the signal jammer is very unpredictable in both output power and range.

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