The working principle of the jammer is similar to that of the mobile phone receiving signal

The working principle of the jammer is similar to that of the mobile phone receiving signal

The British General Lighthouse (GLA) continues to use seven new Roland electronic radio stations. GLA engineer Martin Bransby said it will replace visual navigation and become a good backup for GPS. It was put into service in mid-2014 at a cost of less than 700,000 pounds; the cost of the receiver per vessel was 2,000 pounds. By 2019, coverage will cover all major UK ports. The US military research organization DARPA has a "Single Chip Inertia Time Measurement Unit" (TIMU).

4 Antenna Portable CDMA GSM 3G Mobile Phone Jammer

According to project owner Andrei Shkel (Andrei Shkel), when completed, it will use small gyroscopes and accelerometers to track its position without the need for satellites or radio towers. The US "White Sands" missile system in New Mexico is equipped with a "non-GPS based positioning system" that uses ground antennas to provide centimeter positioning over 2,500 square miles. In May, the Canadian government said it will have an impact on Canada. Military aircraft portable wifi jammer function. A new type of US Air Force bunker bomb designed to partially destroy Iran's nuclear power plant includes technology that prevents defenders from blocking its satellite navigation system. MBDA is a European missile company engaged in similar work. But for many users, GPS and other space navigation systems (including GLONASS in Russia, some complete Beidou projects in China, and unfinished projects in the European Union) are still essential and ubiquitous. They are also very fragile. For those whose lives or lives depend on their location, more flexible options may not be quick enough.

In addition, from the working principle of wifi jammer, everyone should remember that mobile jammers will broadcast the same frequency band as mobile phones to interfere with the normal operation of mobile phones, that is, that our jammers are similar to our mobile phones. Is there a device today that lasts longer than the phone itself? Which device is more popular than cell phones? So if we are talking about the damage caused by mobile jammers - they are the same as the phone itself, then when the Wi-Fi signal blocks the same, they are just Wi-Fi hotspots. These hot spots are they dangerous? Another thing you need to know is that radio signals follow the same inverse law as light, sound waves, and gravity i.e. the distance is doubled and the energy is halved. In other words, the longer the distance, the weaker the signal strength. The most interesting fact is that people are worried that GPS / GLONASS jamming devices are harmful, but they don't even know that they are surrounded by signals from these positioning systems every day.

Then we want to remind you again that it is important to know how often you want to play. You can find all kind of information about phone blockers and other locked devices on the internet and on special websites. Of course, this technology will continue to develop.

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