The vehicle-mounted frequency jammer has a great effect

The vehicle-mounted frequency jammer has a great effect

Every year when the exam month comes, the vicinity of the school that serves as the test center will become a signal restricted area. How can the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer in the examination room have such a large "lethal power"? Now I will reveal its secret for you.

Do you know how mobile phones receive signals?

The mobile phone receiving the signal is actually like chatting with the base station. It first sends a "greeting" electromagnetic wave to the base station to show friendship. After receiving the "'greeting", the base station responds, and the mobile phone therefore receives the signal.

The vehicle-mounted frequency jammer is like a big speaker. When the mobile phone sends out a friendly "greeting", it will emit interference "noise", so that the base station cannot hear the call of the mobile phone and cannot respond to the mobile phone, thereby interfering with the mobile phone signal.

1. The magical effect of the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer

In addition to the unique functions of the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer being used to prevent cheating in exams, can you think of other uses for it?

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(1) Professional counter-terrorism

The powerful coverage and jamming capabilities of the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer are often used to interfere with the communications of terrorist groups and restrict terrorists from attacking. In terms of anti-terrorism, the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer is the most professional.

(2) Anti-drug experts

When the police carry out anti-drug operations, the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer can prevent drug traffickers from leaking information, which provides great convenience for the anti-drug team to carry out anti-drug operations, and is a well-deserved expert in anti-drug operations.

(3) Protection of confidentiality

When company secrets come from smartphones, the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer can interfere with these devices, so that the secrets cannot be transmitted, and it is a reliable "spy killer".

Second, pay attention to the use of vehicle-mounted frequency jammers:

Although the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer is active in various fields because of its unique functions, some of its adverse effects also appear in front of us.

(1) The large-scale signal interference of the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer will affect the normal use of mobile phones of surrounding residents. If your home is near the school, you should have experienced the pain of the mobile phone signal disappearing with the ringing of the exam.

(2) The mobile phone can also shield itself

If you want your mobile phone to not receive a signal, you can't just use a car-mounted frequency jammer. You only need to make some simple settings on your mobile phone, and your mobile phone can also achieve signal interference by itself. Find the flight mode function in the settings and turn it on, and the mobile phone will immediately encounter a vehicle-mounted frequency jammer, with no signal, text messages, and calls.

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