The superposition of the number of 5G shields cannot represent the superposition of the shielding effect of mobile phones

The superposition of the number of 5G shields cannot represent the superposition of the shielding effect of mobile phones

A customer installed a 5G signal jammer in a large conference room environment. The result of the feedback is that the effect of mobile phone shielding is indeed there, but due to the large area of ​​the conference room, if only one 5G jammer is installed , certainly can not achieve complete coverage of mobile phone shielding signal. Customer question: Can you install another 5G shield in the same installation location. After doing so, will the transmit power of the mobile phone shield double? Can the shielding effect of mobile phone shielding be doubled?

Our answer is no. Adding the same 5G shield in the same installation location will not double the transmit power and shielding effect. The actual result is almost no change. The reason is that the signals emitted by the 5G signal jammer for mobile phones with various frequency bands are essentially radio frequency wireless signals. The transmission and attenuation process of the wireless signal is indeed related to the signal transmission source (here, the 5G jammer). The power is related, but at the same transmission source, only by increasing the number of signal transmission sources with the same power, the signal transmission and error are still the same, and there is no improvement.

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An analogy can be made here: the propagation properties of sound and wireless signals are similar. When a person stands somewhere with a normal speaking volume, the distance of sound propagation is assumed to be 30 meters, and then we increase the number of people speaking at the same position. When there are 2 or more, these people are required to speak with the same volume of voice. Obviously, the sound from these people will only travel at a distance of about 30 meters, and there will be no increase in the distance.

So, in the face of the customer's problem, in a large conference room, what method should be taken to improve the mobile phone shielding effect?

There are two solutions: one is to replace the 5G shield with a larger transmit power. The second is to increase the number of 5G shields of the original model, but it should be noted that the increased mobile phone shielding equipment cannot be installed in the same location, but the cellular networking method is adopted, which is the correct solution. .

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