The relationship between 5G base station construction and signal jammer

The relationship between 5G base station construction and signal jammer


Mobile Internet can provide people with several gigabits of wireless bandwidth resources to meet people's production and application needs such as high-definition video, large-scale online games, smart home, unmanned driving, industrial control, etc. By the end of 2017, my country's mobile communication Internet users have It has obtained 460 million and carried tens of thousands of services. Therefore, it is urgent to use advanced Internet technology to realize high-speed data transmission, which has become a hot spot in mobile communication research. At present, mobile communication has gone through four generations, from GSM, TD-SCDMA to the current 4G TD-LTE technology, gradually developed and deployed 5G communication technology, and finally determined multiple frequency bands, using MIMO, high-frequency communication and Ultra-dense networking supports future 5G communication and mobile phone signal jammer construction needs.

2. Analysis of the Status Quo of 5G Base Station Construction

Although 5G technology does not use signal jammer for large-scale commercial use and classroom inspections, it has begun to be deployed in large and medium cities in the United States, Japan, Europe and China, such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, etc. in my country, and 5G base stations have begun to be deployed on a small scale , providing 5G communication transmission services. The 5G base station adopts technologies such as multiple input and multiple output, high-frequency communication, and ultra-dense networking, which increases the difficulty of installation of the antenna feeder system, and also increases the number of base stations. Therefore, environmental assessment and evaluation during the construction of SG base stations have become an important issue. Content. At present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of my country has begun to deploy 5G networks in first-tier cities. It is expected that by 2020, the construction of 5G base stations will be carried out rapidly across the country. China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have each announced 5G commercial plans, and took the lead in Shenzhen The deployment of 5G networks in Hexiong'an New Area has further accelerated the commercial re-issuance of 5G.

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3. 5G base station construction network and key technology research

The 5G base station construction network mostly adopts a hybrid layered network, which can ensure the easy management, scalability, and high reliability of the 5G network, and can meet the high-speed data transmission services of the 5G base station. At the same time, since 5G mainly realizes data service transmission, 5G base stations need to adapt to the complex application environment of high-rise buildings, rivers, lakes, mountains and canyons, and mobile phone signals may be shielded. The goodness and integrity of 5G base station construction. This article briefly introduces the construction of 5G base stations. key technology of the device.

3.1 MR technology

MR is a wireless communication environment assessment technology, which can send the collected information to the network administrator, and the network administrator judges the value of the report, so that the wireless network communication performance can be optimized. At present, MR technology applications include coverage assessment, network quality analysis, cross-area coverage analysis, network interference analysis, traffic hotspot area analysis, and carrier frequency recessive fault analysis. MR can render the uplink and downlink signal strength of mobile communication, and find weak blind spots of network coverage, which is not only objective and accurate, but also saves a lot of time and resources. It can detect network coverage problems in time and provide further basis for network coverage optimization. MR can realize 24 hours x 7 days real-time data collection, complete the analysis of the quality of the uplink and downlink wireless networks, reflect the real situation of the whole network call quality, and improve the follow-up data support of the whole network calls. During wireless network construction, if the over-area coverage is too large, it will interfere with the communication quality of other cells. MR can intuitively find the cell coverage boundary, determine whether there is over-area coverage, and adjust the wireless network structure. Traffic hotspot area analysis can realize traffic density, distribution and resource utilization index analysis, realize comprehensive correlation analysis, and formulate accurate planning of capacity sites and expansion sites.

3.2 64QAM Technology

64QAM can reasonably improve SINR, carry out scientific planning and design for 5G network, reduce the complexity of mobile phone signal jammer 5G network deployment, and reduce the problem of co-channel interference and weak coverage caused by overlapping coverage, while meeting the requirements of SG network wide coverage In order to achieve continuous coverage and seamless coverage in hotspot areas, it will increase the depth of coverage and improve the comprehensive coverage of 5G networks, which will not only allow more users to access the 5G network, but also enjoy high-quality communication services. The application of 64QAM in 5G network communication is divided into two steps, namely modulation and demodulation. The 64QAM modulation process is as follows: 64QAM can form a mapping of the input 6-bit data; multi-level quadrature amplitude modulation generates a 64QAM intermediate frequency signal; Once the rate is doubled, the code stream is changed from binary to 8, and then the modulated RF signal can be output. The 64QAM demodulation process is as follows: When the 5G network transmits signals, due to the limitation of the natural environment or the carrier itself, the signal transmission will inevitably be distorted by noise interference. If the distortion is small, it can be directly judged as 0 or 1. If the distortion is serious, If the signal cannot be directly judged, the hard judgment and soft judgment methods can be used to identify the signal accurately and quickly.

3.3 Anti-jamming technology

A large number of wireless devices need to be deployed during the construction of 5G network base stations. The number of these wireless devices is very large, and the installation and deployment of signal jammers in the examination room is also very complicated, which will cause mutual interference problems. The main reasons for the interference include the existence of the equipment itself. Fault, the channel often transmits wrong signals when the 5G network is running, which affects its own signal quality; the installation and configuration of 5G network equipment is seriously irregular, which affects the sensitivity of 5G signal transmission. At present, 5G network interference mainly refers to radio interference, which includes intermodulation interference and out-of-band interference. Therefore, during the construction of the SG base station, designers and construction personnel need to solve the problem of signal interference from the source, which can not only ensure the stability of the signal, but also greatly improve the control and management efficiency. Specifically, firstly, conduct full electromagnetic detection on the radio transmission equipment of the base station to minimize the possible interference caused by the equipment itself; secondly, strengthen the inspection of power generation equipment on a regular basis, and deal with problems in time once any problems are found, thereby reducing the existence of signals. interference.


With the improvement of mobile communication technology, the 5G network will gradually begin to be commercialized on a large scale. At the same time, the key networking technologies will continue to improve, ensuring the rapidity and convenience of construction in terms of chips, modules, and management of networking equipment, so as to promote 5G When the network is implemented, the 5G network improves the reform and service of operators, realizes the informatization and sharing of intelligent tourism, examination rooms, mobile learning, prisons, logistics and warehousing, and further improves the communication performance. Signal jammers are expected to be applied in more fields.

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