The primary role of signal jammers

The primary role of signal jammers

Why do you need a drone jammer?

The shapes, sizes, features, functions, and prices of consumer and commercial drones are staggering, ranging from a $ 30 consumer drone to a $ 30,000 military weapons drone. This means that drones can also be used for a variety of illegal purposes, including:
Carry bombs and other terrorist threats for use as biological weapons
Illegal surveillance
Drones swarmed
Disturbance of the rescue personnel
Interventions in aircraft or manned airports
Contraband in prison or abroad
Data center hacking and other sources
Security requirements have changed and traditional security methods cannot effectively withstand drone air strikes.

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Are GPS jammer legal?

The military, police and emergency services generally restrict the use of jammers. The laws of many countries / regions say that non-GPS jammers are legal in many countries / regions. Before using a drone jammer, read the country's laws and regulations carefully and identify your state to see if it is legal. Prior to receiving such approval, this device must not be (and must) not be sold, sold, sold, or rented in the United States, except to the United States government and its agencies. Federal law prohibits any other person or entity (including state or local government agencies) from using DroneGun in the United States. Laws restricting certain types of users from using the DroneGun may apply to other jurisdictions and all sales must be in accordance with applicable laws.

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