The most common problems when using frequency interference meters

The most common problems when using frequency interference meters

1. Is it inconvenient to turn on and off uniformly? There are so many of them that it is difficult to turn them on and off in a centralized manner; even if the power cords are arranged uniformly, a dedicated person is required to turn them on and off on time.

2. Unable to obtain whether the frequency signal jammer is working properly

After the equipment is started, the management staff cannot immediately know that the equipment is running normally, and a special person needs to go to the equipment to check.

3. Whether it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and frequency interference meter maintenance and management

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Keeping the equipment open all year round is not conducive to energy saving, environmental protection, equipment maintenance, and shortens the service life of the equipment. Most application environments are unmanned at night and do not require 24-hour uninterrupted operation.

4. Inconvenient to control

It is impossible to perform precise timing switch control in arbitrary groups or point-to-point.

5 Unable to control equipment damage

The management personnel cannot immediately know if the frequency interference meter is intentionally damaged or cut off the power supply, etc., which affects the normal operation of the frequency interference meter.

6. There is no way to know if an individual device is shut down artificially.

7. The manufacturer’s after-sales service cannot keep up.

8. The base stations are close and the interference is not complete.

For management issues related to large purchase quantities, the frequency interference meter with network control panel developed by Nanjing Baikang Electromechanical can find the reasons for switching on and off, normal operation of equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, and artificial shutdown, and solve them. Perfect after-sales service. If the machine is damaged, you can contact technicians and provide guidance. For problems that cannot be solved on site, the equipment can be returned to the factory for repair.

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