The most common jammers have antennas

The most common jammers have antennas

The company has developed a cell phone jammer that can effectively solve the problem of electronic bombs used by terrorists. For example, a new product has emerged from the electronic fence network, which prevents data from being received by mobile phones, which is supposed to protect the specific electromagnetic signals of the location of the base station. GPS interference from cell phones. Cannot eliminate the negative effects and interact with the base station. Establish connection. When the phone's battery starts up, it gives off enough power when it rings. It can cause a fire. The safety-related part prohibits the use of cell phones at petrol stations. The import time is long and the effect is not optimal. The gas station equipment is controlled by a computer. The phone signal interferes with the normal operation of the device. Gas stations added cell phone jammers to prevent tragedy. The competent authorities recommend the use of GPS jammers at petrol stations in their area of ​​responsibility. Spread broad security knowledge.

Handheld Cell Phone Signal Blocker Jamming CDMA GSM 3G WIFI2.4G GPSL1

Shield electronic devices in different frequency bands according to the specifications of the jammer. Some products contain different frequencies. First, determine if it is interfering with the device you are trying to block. To operate with Wi-Fi interference, you need to know which signal is active. It's important to understand that calls are different in different locations. You need to choose a jammer for the device you want to turn off. Some products support GSM, 3G, and 4G signals. Pay attention to data protection. It should be used for simplicity. The source of interference blocks the signal very effectively. It has a built-in antenna. You can work long hours. Where the use of cell phones is prohibited, all cell phones can block frequencies.

Mobile deterrent devices are widespread and have very positive effects. This is a call blocking application that can block all radio waves from cellphones and smartphones. It is a call blocking device that prevents active calls from being out of service. Our smartphone GPS jammers are made by our factory. It is very cheap and has a great disruptive effect.

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