The jammer has been deeply understood by everyone all over the world

The jammer has been deeply understood by everyone all over the world

Without a cell phone, modern life is hard to imagine. It's hard to believe that a few decades ago we only contacted our loved ones, loved ones or employees on a daily basis by phone at home or at work, and it seemed inappropriate to ask for the location of the subscriber during the conversation.

In modern life, cell phones are an indispensable function for our communication, which can solve business and personal problems. It makes us uncomfortable asking to turn off the phone at a concert, conference, or meeting. Although it must be admitted that the first cell phones (especially when the ringtones are inelegant or ridiculous) can compromise functionality, creativity and even a friendly atmosphere. As a result, more and more executives, professionals and practicing psychologists are now using cell phone jammer, which are special devices capable of suppressing signals from cell phones to the extent determined by the performance of the device and user needs.

16-Band Handheld High Performance 5G Cell Phone Jammer GPS Wi-Fi LOJACK Blocker

Such jammers have long been known around the world, but the society of each state has different attitudes towards them. For example, in India, mobile phone signal jammers are still installed on ships, airports and similar facilities. Finally, the radiation from mobile phones will adversely affect the operation of the equipment in these installations. Although the laws of Australia, United States and some other countries / regions prohibit the use of signal blockers. For example, Canadian law prohibits the use of such devices as a violation of personal freedom. On the other hand, Italy actively uses jammers. In most cases, they are used in schools and universities, and almost all students or students try to use cell phones to facilitate passing exams. Mexicans are installing cell phone jammers in banks and churches. The Japanese have long been accustomed to using jammers in traffic and public facilities.

All cell phone blockers are divided into two parts. The first includes equipment whose main task is to permanently interfere with the reception and transmission of signals, whether or not there is a cell phone nearby. The second part contains advanced "smart" devices that only initiate signal suppression after the source is activated. Note that the equipment specified in this section can also be used to detect "hearing defects" without suppression.

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